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The Art of Health offers cutting edge information and strategies for understanding the workings of the human mind and body. Consultations, Seminars, Online Teleseminars, Free Advice and Inspiration helping you to reunite body, mind and spirit...

Mickel Therapy

Mickel Therapy is a specialist talking therapy designed to identify the cause of chronic conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, fibromyalgia, stress and depression. Plus it gives you the tools to heal...

Qi Gong and Meditation

Qi Gong and meditation calm the mind, relax the body, increase flexibility, improve focus, prevent and heal illness. The gentle exercises are simple, effective and easy to learn...


Global Health Telesummit 2011 - Free Introductory Teleseminar Replay

"The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing - givign you the tools to heal yourself "


”All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Topic: Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Health TeleSummit

Global Health Telesummit 2011

A beyond-the-medical approach to chronic illness recovery:
a new paradigm in healthcare

Solutions for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Illness and more

with Kim Knight and Dr Robin Kelly


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For anyone not yet familiar with teleseminars, these are seminars conducted over the phone and web. You can listen in live via your computer or dial in by phone. Whether you attend live or not, calls are downloadable after the event as MP3s to listen to at your leisure.



Kim Knight (New Zealand)





Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Global Health Telesummit 2011

Kim Knight - Energy Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and De-stress Specialist

Kim Knight, Director of the Art of Health, works as a health and personal development coach assisting people to identify and resolve the mental and emotional components of illness. If people have symptoms, her question is always 'why' because the body never sends symptoms without a reason.


She uses a number of cutting-edge techniques including Mickel Therapy, Moativational Medicine and Qi Gong, all of which see the management of emotions and mental thought patterns as key in the recovery and maintenance of good health.


Whilst she specializes in long-term conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, stress and depression, with the 'energy psychology' she uses she can work with any ailment to help people identify the root cause. Once she has helped clients identify the causal mental and emotional components, she then gives them tools and strategies to coach themselves back to health. This she believes is true self-care.



Dr Robin Kelly (New Zealand)





Dr Robin Kelly - Doctor, Acupuncturist and Musician speaks in the Global Health Telesummit

Robin Kelly - Medical doctor, author, acupuncturist and musician

Robin Kelly has, for 30 years, integrated Western, Eastern and modern mindbody concepts within his medical practice in Auckland, New Zealand. A past and current co-president of the Medical Acupuncture Society (NZ) and a founding trustee of New Zealand’s MindBody Trust, he studied Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the 80s running teaching workshops for health professionals and doctors.


Since the 90’s his overriding interest has been in researching the roles consciousness and quantum theory play in the deep healing process.


Over the past few years, Robin has introduced Energy Psychology techniques, alongside medical acupuncture, to his practice, and he regards this as one vital step in helping people regain full ownership of their healing. He lectures and runs workshops on the deep healing process, and the compassionate approach to health, both within New Zealand and overseas. He has given many radio and TV interviews over the past few years.


Robin Kelly on the Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Global Health Telesummit 2011


Robin has written three books:


  • "Healing Ways -- A Doctor's Guide to Healing" (Penguin Books 2000) explains the deep healing process, identifying how this can become blocked and cleared. 
  • “The Human Antenna” (Elite Books) explores dimensions beyond the detection of our five senses, and the impact these insights will have on our future healing. Along the way he unravels the mysteries of the chakras, telepathy, intuition, creativity and channelling. 
  • "The Human Hologram", Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field, which has just been published in 2011


Find out more about Dr Kelly on his website



Overview of Free Intro Teleseminar





During this teleseminar Kim Knight, Director of the Art of Health, speaks with Dr Robin Kelly MD, a medical doctor with 30 years of experience working with chronic illnesses and helping people regain health naturally. Kim and Dr Kelly:


  • Share their stories of recovery from years of chronic fatigue
  • Share the core answers which they have discovered and which apply no matter what therapy you employ
  • Explain why, as a result of their own personal journies to find answers, they believe we can all recover from these debilitating conditions - we just need to know where to start
  • Explain how and why the journey back to health can sometimes seem long and windy, and how there is often a deeper meaning and gift to illness
  • The focus on the individual - particularly their sensitivities (chemical, emotional and spiritual) and their creative gifts
  • A focus on beliefs conditioned into us as children and an exploration and understanding of any adverse childhood experiences
  • Explain how we have to understand that 'over-sensitivity' is a strength rather than a weakness and how we can use this strength for healing
  • Give an overview of the tips, latest research, technology and therapies on how you can recover without medication from chronic conditions
  • and much more



Who is this event for?



The following people are likely to find this event useful and interesting:


    • Individuals struggling to find answers and solutions to chronic health problems, in particular chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression... but to be honest any chronic health condition!

      Why is that? Because symptoms are just the end result, your own body's way of getting your attention. So, no matter the symptoms or condition (and a condition is just a label for a group of symptoms), you can start to identify the underlying cause... and resolve it.

    • Natural health therapists interested in expanding your knowledge and awareness in health

    • Medical professionals interested in understanding the deeper meaning and causes of illness and new approaches to healthcare

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Project 10:10:10 – Pill or Perception? Win a copy on the global health telesummit


Project 10:10:10 – Pill or Perception?

Your chance to win one of four copies of this ground-breaking documentary on a new era in health!

Everyone who registers for the Free Introductory call on 25 September (24th in UK/USA) will automatically go in the draw to win a copy of the documentary 'Project 10:10:10 - Pill or Perception'. The winner will be announced during the live call.

Then we will have 3 more copies to give away for those registering for the 6 week global health telesummit.

This full length film interviews some of today’s leading experts in the field of human consciousness and explores the answers to questions like:


• As human beings what makes us so unique
• What degenerates and regenerates our body
• What creates the states depression and anxiety
• How do our genes, brain and heart play a role in our well-being


This film reveals research in neuroscience, epigenetics, cancer, mental illness and the health of our immune system and well-being.


The director’s outcomes were for people to be able to make well -informed decisions and have sufficient information to seek new channels of learning relevant to their self-education and health. Which is what this global health telesummit is all about!


Project 10:10:10 – Pill or Perception?

Listen to Robin Kelly and other leaders in mind-body medicine speak about the latest advances in healthcare:




Using good ole apples to prove his point, Dr Robin Kelly had the audience captivated with his talk on holograms and creativity. He talks to Vincent Heeringa about the untouched genius in all of us...


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What people say about Dr Kelly


Praise for Dr. Robin Kelly’s Book The Human Antenna


"On a quest to be a better healer, physician Robin Kelly embarked upon an epic journey that transformed his patients' lives, his own life, and one that can possibly transform your life as well. Expertly weaving together traditional Western medical science, Eastern medicine's energy philosophy, and a dash of quantum physics, Dr. Robin Kelly concocts a powerful and wise prescription for self-healing and self-empowerment.  Filled with astounding scientific insights, wit, wisdom, and heart, The Human Antenna is a delight to read."


Bruce H. Lipton, PhD  Cell biologist and best selling author of The Biology of Belief





"The Human Antenna is a fascinating exploration of the connections between body, mind, and spirit. No form of medicine can be complete that does not recognize these interactions, as Dr. Robin Kelly has admirably done."


Larry Dossey, MD Author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things



Pat Armistead, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author, Radio Producer


"The specialist knowledge, care and compassion of Kim Knight and Robin Kelly is such that lives are forever transformed. I know this as a personal experience. We have unprecedented access to our own health"!


Pat Armistead, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author, Radio Producer

Watch Dr Robin on the Good Morning Show - August 2011

Click on the picture below to watch

Dr Robin Kelly talks about the holographic universe on Good Morning TV

Find out more about Dr Kelly on his website


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Upcoming 6 week Global Teleclass





Free and paid teleseminars on cutting-edge health topics.


The above introductory teleseminar can be attended (free of charge) as a stand-alone teleclass. Or you might like to join us for the ground-breaking:

6 week teleclass with world specialists on how to recover from chronic illness... naturally.

At the end of the above Introductory Teleclass on 25 September Kim will give an overview of the upcoming 6 week series, sharing details of our expert panel and how they can help you recover your health. You can also find out more by clicking the link below:

Details of 6 week global teleclass


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Global Health Telesummit 2011 - A new era in healthcare - natural solutions for chronic illness



What is a Teleseminar?





For anyone not yet familiar with teleseminars, these are seminars conducted over the phone and web. You can listen in live via your computer or dial in by phone. Whether you attend live or not, calls are downloadable after the event as MP3s to listen to at your leisure.


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