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The Art of Health offers cutting edge information and strategies for understanding the workings of the human mind and body. Consultations, Seminars, Online Teleseminars, Free Advice and Inspiration helping you to reunite body, mind and spirit...

Mickel Therapy

Mickel Therapy is a specialist talking therapy designed to identify the cause of chronic conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, fibromyalgia, stress and depression. Plus it gives you the tools to heal...

Qi Gong and Meditation

Qi Gong and meditation calm the mind, relax the body, increase flexibility, improve focus, prevent and heal illness. The gentle exercises are simple, effective and easy to learn...


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"The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing - givign you the tools to heal yourself "

"Transformation does not come from struggle but from expanding awareness" Adyashanti

"Health coaches should be a part of every public clinic, medical office and hospital wellness center and should be reimbursed by insurance companies & corporate wellness programs. -- Dr Mehmet Oz on Larry King Live



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Health coaching programs





We offer a number of health coaching programs varying between 1 and 6 months in duration. Just like choosing a trainer at the gym, in order to make good, steady and long-lasting progress, an all encompassing program is the key to success.


Each week you will be guided to take the necessary steps to either heal or enhance your wellbeing. The regular sessions will allow you to feel supported as you literally transform yourself...and your life. What matters... more than your health?


Chronic Fatigue Recovery Program


Kim specializes in helping people heal without medication or supplements from chronic fatigue. She can help you identify the cause of your symptoms and give you the tools to bring yourself back to health. She has synthesized years of tried and tested experience into her programs to help you get better - it may be easier than you think...


Outline of chronic fatigue program

Emotional Mastery Program


Learn the true meaning behind emotions, the impact they have on your physical and mental wellbeing, and exactly where in your body they are stored. By the end of this program you will have a toolbox of techniques to manage your emotions rather than have them manage you. Become the master of your emotions today...


Outline of emotional mastery program

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery


Adrenal fatigue and exhaustion is in epidemic proportions today as people try to keep up with the pace of modery-day life. Unless you learn how to pace yourself, and identify what is creating your need to drive yourself, you may well end up exhausted. Learn how to regain your vitality and lead a balanced life...


Outline of adrenal fatigue program

Fibromyalgia Recovery Program


Fibromyalgia, literally 'aching muscles' affects many people. Kim can help you understand the true cause of your symptoms, helping you to see how a state of unresolved dis-ease in the body is creating symptoms of pain. Once you have completed our program you will know exactly how to uncreate your symptoms and live pain-free...


Outline of fibromyalgia recovery program

Stress Reduction Program


Understand the true meaning and cause of stress and learn your personal internal and external triggers. By the end of this program you will know exactly how to notice and reduce the stress response in your body, allowing you to experience a state of calm whatever is going on in your life. How would it be if you could eradicate stress...for good?


Details of stress management program


Anxiety Worry Recovery Program


Anxiety, fears and worry can leave us paralysed, stunting our potential and turning our head adn life into a living nightmare. Worry and anxiety also have a hugely detrimental affect on our internal organs, inhibiting proper digestive function, blocking breathing and causing muscle tension. Learn how to stop worrying and start living...


Details of anxiety-worry reduction program

Anger Management Program


Frustration, resentment and anger are some of the most toxic emotions, which interestingly enough harm ourselves more than others. However, there are usually good reasons for harbouring such feelings. Kim can show you how to safely and effectively clear yourself of built-up feelings of annoyance...

Insomnia Program


Good sleep is essential if we want our mind, body and emotions to be in a good state. Sleep disturbances are usually a sign of underlying dis-ease in the body which has as yet been unidentified. Kim can help you get to the bottom of your sleep problems, allowing you to perhaps have your first good night's sleep in ages...


Irritable Bowel Program


Irritable bowel often has much less to do with what food we eat than we may think. Every part of our body is affected by our mental-emotional state, and symptoms often show up via digestive disorders. Once you get to the true cause of your problem, the gut will ease up and settle. Are you ready to discover what is really irritating you?


Panic attacks and anxiety


Panic attacks are a severe form of anxiety, and the causes can be very deep, the pattern often starting in childhood. Through learning how to identify the real cause of your panic attacks, you can reduce and eliminate this habit. We can show you how to effectively and safely deal with feelings of panic...

Illness Prevention Programs


In ancient China, the doctor's job was to prevent illness from ever happening - this was considered true healthcare. If you want to learn how to look after your health and avoid illness, you can learn a number of techniques for doing so. This is true self-mastery and this is what we are passionate about at the Art of Health...


Personal Development Programs


If you are looking to expand and cultivate your consciousness we have a range of exercises and tools to do so. Kim has spet 20 years researching and testing hundreds of personal growth techniques and loves to pass on what works. Our programs will help you discover yourself from the inside out, growing and flourishing into a new you...


Back to Health Programs


Learn the underlying cause of illness and what you need to do to heal. A wholistic approach is taken so that you understand the link between mind, body and emotions, and you will be given the tools to coach yourself back to health, whatever your problem...

Burnout Recovery Program


Burnout, over-doing it and workaholism have their roots in behaviours which we set up in early childhood. If you truly want to change and heal, you will learn exactly why you have created the habit of doing too much and what you can do to transform your life...

Gi Gong Programs


Qi is the energy which underlies everything and from which your body, organs and mind are created. Qi Gong - the art of cultivating your Qi - will help you transform all levels of your being simultaneously. It is effective for healing illness, preventing sickness and helping you to experience a happy, healthy life...


Meditation Programs


Meditation helps to calm the mind, increase clarity, memory and focus and improves brain power. It also brings the body into a relaxed state which is the ultimate state for health and healing. Kim teaches a range of meditation practices which also clear the internal organs of negative emotions. Meditation is a practice which can truly transform your life...



How does health coaching work?





First consultation


During our initial consultation, we take a detailed case history of your life so that we can understand how it is that you are at the place your find yourself today. More importantly, this helps you to begin understanding your current situation and the cause of your illness. Most people usually leave their first session with a profound shift of understanding of their condition.


During this first session we also map out a program of healthcare that is tailor-made for your unique situation. This may include Mickel Therapy, Qi Gong, meditation, relaxation exercises, energy healing, assertiveness skills or a number of other techniques offered by Kim.


Follow up program


As a result of our first consultation, Kim will be able to recommend what program will be most suitable for your needs. This may be anything from 1 to 6 months, although of course the choice is always what feels right for you. The most popular programs are the 1 and 3 month programs, and you always have the option of extending any program.



Health coaching by phone





Because our health coaching focuses on helping people understand their emotional behaviours and mental patterns of consciousness, sessions are very effective by phone.


Many of Kim's clients are located around New Zealand and overseas, and approximately 50% of all of Kim's sessions are conducted by phone... all with equally effective results as in person.



Health coaching pricing





Pricing will vary according to the program that you choose, and because programs are tailor-made and recommended during the first session, this will become clearer at that time. A guideline for pricing can be seen here:

Art of Health Coaching pricing guide

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