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Free Introduction to The Form Reality Practice October 2011

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The Form Reality Practice with Cassandra Eve - free teleseminar 14 Oct

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Free Replay: Introduction to the Form Reality Practice - Beyond Meditation

With Cassandra Eve, October 2011

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During this one hour teleseminar Kim interviewed Cassandra Eve, leading Form Reality facilitator and trainer. Cassandra is a Senior Teacher & Global Co-Ordinator of The Form.


In this introduction to evolutionary meditation practice Cassandra Eve presented the leap beyond meditation into evolutionary consciousness.

In this groundbreaking teleseminar we explored:

  • a new orientation - why meditation alone may not be enough to create integrated change in your life
  • the philosophy of being and becoming
  • how The Form is a 21st century practice; a fast track to the evolution of consciousness
  • the Form as a transmission of Realized consciousness

Through this exploration you will discover:

  • the bridge between spirituality and your humanness
  • the transformation of unconscious patterning without effort or processing
  • the dance along the cutting edge of your fullest potential
  • the vast potential that is your birthright
  • your unique part in spiritual human evolution 

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What people say about the Form Reality practice:

As a long term meditator in the Eastern tradition it can often take many hours of sitting to reach this deep place of source whereas The Form facilitates direct access to be with presenting energies, to deepen and connect, where vastness can just allow… this is the fastest and most direct route. In short The Form provides structure, then by allowing/witnessing it facilitates movement whereas sitting meditation it is more easy to get into mind


Jaia, course participant, Cairns


About Cassandra:

Free Introduction to the Form Reality Practice - Beyond Meditation with Cassandra Eve


Cassandra has been practising The Form for 12 years and became a Senior Teacher of The Form in 2008. She is also Global Co-Ordinator for all teachers of The Form in 12 countries. With more than 20 years experience in counselling, Reiki and other therapies, plus Conscious Relationship Training, Cassandra has a broad range of experience and skills to bring to this teleseminar. She is also a published author of ‘Total Embrace - fully being human’, a book that explores the bridge between our spiritual being and our humanness.  Cassandra lives in Christchurch and travels in Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia teaching The Form and facilitating conscious awareness seminars, with a particular focus on women’s transformation.

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