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Art of Health Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Teleseminar

"The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing - givign you the tools to heal yourself "

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Teleseminar


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Teleseminar

How to train your abdominal brain!

Teleseminar 11am-12.30 Thursday 25 August 2011 (NZ time)

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$25 or Free with Discount Code (see below)

Using your body intelligence will help you:


  • Enhance intuition
  • Find and follow your purpose
  • Listen to your higher self
  • Prevent illness
  • Protect yourself from harm
  • Live life effortlessly
  • Save energy
  • And a whole lot more


During this 90 minute teleseminar Kim will introduce the core concepts of BODY INTELLIGENCE. She will talk about:


  • The two main intelligence systems in your body
  • The role of emotions in illness and how emotions (dis-ease) can drive disease
  • How your body intelligence has its own communication system separate from thinking
  • The three levels of communication which your body uses to communicate with you
  • How you can identify and use all three levels of body communication
  • Why not using our body intelligence system can lead to illness if you're not careful
  • How using your body intelligence system can help you stay well
  • Why we have forgotten how to use our body communication system and how you can start using it again


During the first half of the seminar Kim will explain via examples and hands-on exercises how to reconnect with this valuable communication system inside your body.


During the second half of the seminar she will host a live Q&A session where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions. There will also be opportunity to post your questions online before the teleseminar begins.

About the Presenter - Kim Knight


Kim as been studying and practising the use of the 'body intelligence' for over 15 years. This came as a result of her own journey back to health from chronic fatigue, which came about largely due to NOT listening to the innate wisdom of the body.


We are all born with a body intelligence system, like a piece of software. The problem is, we stop using it, and this leads to ill-health and unhappiness. Kim believes it is critical that we re-train ourselves to use our emotional intelligence if we wish to stay on track in life.

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