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Mickel Therapy is a specialist talking therapy designed to identify the cause of chronic conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, fibromyalgia, stress and depression. Plus it gives you the tools to heal...

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Qi Gong and meditation calm the mind, relax the body, increase flexibility, improve focus, prevent and heal illness. The gentle exercises are simple, effective and easy to learn...


Positive Transformation Sessions

"The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing - givign you the tools to heal yourself "


"The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations."

Robert A. Monroe


Transforming limitation into freedom... that you can enjoy life


Transformation of limiting beliefs and disempowering behaviours at the Art of Health


One can liken our body-mind to a huge super-computer. There is no limit to what this computer can do, it is the most sophisticated piece of technical equipment that could ever be created.


Inside this computer are many software programs (mental patterns of consciousness) which are running. These programs consist of our belief systems and paradigms (worldviews) on life, which are themselves the end result of everything that has ever happened to us.


Unfortunately sometimes we can get a number of viruses in our system, and not even know they are there. These viruses are the faulty belief systems which we have created about ourselves and life, and were usually set up very early on in childhood before we had developed mental cognition. Often these beliefs are set up by the age of 7 years.


Whether we are aware of these viruses or not, they will most likely compromise the effectiveness of our software programs, meaning that we cannot use the programs as we would like to. They can cause faulty functioning of the hardware (physical body) too.


Positive transformation sessions work deep in the subconscious to clear faulty belief systems (viruses) which in turn has a positive effect on how both the software and hardware work. Our computer can then run smoother and faster and more effectively. In reality the results are greater feelings of happiness and better health.

What issues can positive transformation sessions address?

Below are a sample of topics that can be focused on during a positive transformation session. Whether it is a physical, emotional or mental issue, we can approach anything in your life which you are needing help with. All sessions and programs are personally tailor-made to each individual because everyone is unique: true healing comes from treating the person, not the condition!


Clearing stubborn aches, pains and physical symptoms


Do you have aches, pains or a health condition which you have not been able to resolve? No matter what your pain is, or how long you have had it, we can help you identify the true underlying cause of your symptoms, and help you clear them at their core.


During the session:


During this session you will be asked a series of questions which work to reveal the true underlying cause of your symptoms. Usually this will be connected to unidentified and unexpressed emotions over specific situations from the past or recent past. We will then clear the emotional resonance of this issue from the body so that whilst the memory may remain, the negative emotions connected with it are cleared. Once the emotional signature has been dissolved, the body no longer needs to send the message of pain to the body to get your attention to clear the issue, because it has now been cleared at a causal level.

Healing past hurts and emotional traumas


Do you have old hurts from the past, perhaps with family members, siblings or partners, which are still getting you down? Have you experienced bereavements, shocks or events that have left you feeling hurt, angry, afraid or ashamed? We have simple, painless techniques which help to dissolve these memories and emotional traumas at a causal level.


During the session:


You pick something which you would like to work on (eg, clearing resentment with Mother, clearing grief from Father...) and we trace the energy pattern back to its origin, clearing the issues at its core. Once the emotional signature is dissolved, you will no longer have to keep drawing in similar situations which keep re-triggering the same emotional pattern. And whilst the memory may still remain, the emotional signature attached to it will have gone.


Healing current hurts and emotional traumas


Do you have current and ongoing issues which are getting you down, such as differences with family members, or difficulties with your partner? Do you find yourself feeling afraid, angry, sad, guilty, ashamed, and wish you wouldn't keep repeating the same patterns and events?

By addressing the root cause which was often set up early in childhood, we can clear the emotional signature and clear the way for new opportunities in life.


During the session:


You pick something which you would like to work on (eg, clearing resentment with Mother, clearing anger at partner...) and we trace the energy pattern back to its origin, clearing the issues at its core. Once the emotional signature is dissolved, you will no longer have to keep drawing in similar situations which keep re-triggering the same emotional pattern, leading the way for more positive results in life.


Dissolving limiting beliefs and restoring truthful values and beliefs


Do you have limiting beliefs which are sabotaging your success and happiness, such as "I'm not good enough" or "no-one will ever love me"? We have techniques to dissolves these beliefs at their core.


During the session:


If you feel you have a limiting belief which is holding you back in life or self-sabotaging behaviours, we can journey to the energetic core to help clear the pattern there. As you journey in you will have the opportunity to create a new pattern in the subconscious, which automatically changes the belief you have about yourself. This then automatically changes disempowering behaviours which have stemmed from this belief into empowering actions, creating more positive results in life.


Allowing ourselves to receive


Do you find you have difficult receiving things from others? This could include physical things (a good job or gift) or more intangible and yet important emotional needs such as love and attention. We have an excellent technique which can help clear any barriers to receiving what you want in life.


During the session:


You will choose something that you find you have difficulty receiving (eg, love, attention, recognition, praise) and we will work together to dissolve the energetic block which is preventing you receiving this quality. Once the block is dissolved, you will find your beliefs around this receiving have changed and it is no longer uncomfortable to receive it.


Liberating disempowering behaviours


Do have self-sabotaging behaviours which bring your emotional or mental pain, such as saying yes when you mean no, or using food, cigarettes or alcohol to mask painful emotions? We can help dissolve the original pain which created the need for such behaviours, paving the way for new empowering ways of being.


During the session:


You will choose a behaviour that you would like to change, such as allowing people to walk all over you or saying yes when you mean no. We will journey to the energetic core of this habit, clearing the old pattern, paving the way for new self-empowering behaviors and restoring the truthful beliefs which reflect your authentic self.


Developmental Needs Audit


During the first 18 months of life every child has certain 'developmental needs' which need to be met. Often they are not. You can replenish these unmet needs now, leaving you feeling more emotionally safe and fulfilled.


During the session:


During this session we will take an inventory of any unmet developmental needs, such as not receiving love, attention, validation when you were an infant. Even though these needs were or were not originally met at a very early age, we can still work out now which needs are still missing. We will then use an exercise to replenish yourself with these needs, which simultaneously helps heal any past emotional traumas associated with the parent or caregiver from which we were expecting these needs to be met.


Emotional Needs Audit


Would you like to know what emotional needs were unmet as a child? During our life we have ongoing emotional needs which need to be met, and by the age of 7 years we have already programmed our emotional make-up. Using simple techniques you can replenish these unmet emotional needs so that you feel emotionally filled up from the inside.


During the session:


During this session we will take an inventory of any unmet emotional needs which either in our childhood or still now in adulthood we feel were / are unmet. These needs include feeling safe and secure, feeling validated, feeling significant, feeling emotionally connected, and more. We will then do an exercise to refill these needs deep within.


Assertive Communication Skills


Do you need help with communicating your feelings honestly or speaking your truth? We can teach you how to do so without fear of retribution and show you why it has been too scary to do so.


During the session:


During this session we will work with the particular issue you would like to address and you will be given a simple 5 step process to follow whenever you need to safely and effectively communicate your feelings to another person. If there are any fears around speaking your truth, we will also work to clear these at their core.



How and where are sessions held?





Sessions are held at the clinic in Massey, West Auckland or by phone / skype. Remote sessions have proven equally effective as face-to-face sessions - distance is no object to transformation!


For sessions by phone, as long as we can call a landline (in New Zealand or overseas) and the cost is not prohibitive, the Art of Health will cover the cost of the phone call.



How many sessions will I need?





It is completely up to you whether you want to take one individual session or a block program. However, from experience, most people find that starting with a 3 or 5 week block program is most effective. After all, it is unrealistic to expect to change the end result of a life's experience in one day, although one can have significant breakthroughs in a single session.


With each session you will find that you will chip away at old emotional and mental patterns, freeing yourself up bit by bit for greater success and happiness, whatever that means for you.


The first session will always be a longer session to include the greater amount of information that it is beneficial to gather as we meet for the first time.


First sesson: 90 - 120 minutes


Follow up sessions: 60 minutes


Pricing and Program Overview