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Mickel Therapy is a specialist talking therapy designed to identify the cause of chronic conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, fibromyalgia, stress and depression. Plus it gives you the tools to heal...

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Qi Gong and meditation calm the mind, relax the body, increase flexibility, improve focus, prevent and heal illness. The gentle exercises are simple, effective and easy to learn...


Natural Solutions for cancer

"The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing - givign you the tools to heal yourself "


Our reigning story about health is that disease is bad: it's the enemy, the problem and the poison. Any unwanted symptom, excess weight, low energy, digestive pains and the like are squarely seen as our adversary.

Allow me to propose the exact opposite: Whatever you believe is the disease is actually the cure. Whatever bodily concern you believe is the problem is, in the soul's reality, the solution".


Marc David


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Natural Solutions for cancer





There is a huge amount of fear around cancer - 'the big C' word. Fortunately there are also many people who have recovered their health through natural means. This page is devoted to sharing information and giving encouragement to those people who are looking for solutions.


I am not a specialist in cancer recovery, but I will support any natural treatments which help people avoid the terrible side-effects of modern medical treatments.



Specialist Cancer Retreats





The following organizations offer specialist cancer recovery retreats:

Ian Gawler Foundation

A range of internationally renowned healing cancer retreats and programmes which embrace an integrated approach to health, healing and wellbeing that includes the body, emotions, mind and spirit. In particular, they offer the Life and Living Cancer Retreat.  The aim of the programme is to help you to develop full confidence in establishing a healthy, healing lifestyle.

Holistic Cancer Retreats

Holistic retreat with multi-modality practitioners looking at the mental, emotional and physical causations and soutions of cancer.

Emotional Support Cancer Retreat

A one week retreat which includes learning the likely emotional reason behind the cancer, therapies to heal the shock of diagnosis and fears relating to cancer, as well as nurturing food within a healing environment.  Each person receives individual sessions plus group work.  The retreat is one week of transformational work mixed with fun in a nurturing environment providing healing to body, mind and soul.

Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery (CFR) provides retreats at no cost to participants, which allow people whose lives have been profoundly affected by breast cancer to gather in a beautiful, natural setting and learn to fly fish.

Puna Wai Ora Retreats

Puna Wai Ora Mind-Body Cancer Clinic and Healing Center is located in Whangamata, New Zealand, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Whangamata has a very healing energy and is an ideal location to heal from cancer and to remove yourself from the stress of everyday life.  Glen and Arthur run the retreat centre and provide therapy options that aim to support the healing of any emotional cause to cancer.

Quest for life foundation

A nourishing and uplifting program for men and women living with cancer or other serious illness. This residential program is designed for people seeking ways to actively contribute to their own healing and make meaning of this challenging experience. The program explores many avenues of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and encourages participants to find their own best answers



Inspirational Websites





Inspirational websites with resources and information:


Breast Cancer Nirvana


Ian Gawler Foundation


Quest for life foundation




Reproductive Organ Healing





Natural techniques for illness prevention and recovery have been passed down for centuries in China. One of these techniques is breast and ovarian massage (for women) and prostate and genital massage (for men). The 'Healing Love' Qi Gong practices of the Universal Healing Tao use these techniques to circulate and free up stagnated Qi (life force energy) in the body. It is a deeply healing method which works simultaneously on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the person.


For more details see workshops offered by instructors on the Universal Healing Tao NZ website




Qi Gong





Qi Gong techniques such as 'Push and Pull Qi' guide sick and unhealthy Qi out of the body, whilst pulling in pure, healthy Qi back in. Tumours have been known to disperse remarkably quickly using such techniques, although the mastery of the therapist and openness of the client play a big part.


To find a practitioner I recommend Yuan Tze Zhineng Qi Gong and their website:



Inspirational Videos





A number of inspirational and informative videos on the natural solutions and recovery from cancer.


Videos: natural solutions for cancer