Discover how to tap into your
infinite wisdom resources...
for an easier, happier, healthier life!

Learn how to use your 3 brains
in order to stay on track and on purpose,
so that you know from deep within
you are living in tune with your highest Go-o-d

Are you tired of your emotions running wild and not knowing how to deal with them?

If you’ve ever wanted to REALLY understand what makes you, and others, tick then read on.

It’s time to put an end to the confusing mystery of human emotion. Come JOIN ME for an information packed free teleseminar that will demystify emotions once and for all…

One lucky listener will receive Kim's 4 week
Emotional Health Teleseries, worth $97, for free!

EQ: Cracking The Human Intelligence Code

Cracking the human emotional code teleseminar

This highly educational training is CHOCK FULL of useful information and strategies that you can use IMMEDIATELY to:

  • Minimize the damaging effects of emotions and emotional conflicts
  • Expand and activate your hidden potential of understanding, empathy and awareness to improve interconnecting with others in all areas of your life
  • Maximize your effectiveness and ease…at home, work and play

When you REGISTER for Cracking The Human Emotional Code, you’ll learn…

  • What exactly 'Emotional Intelligence' really is, it's purpose, and how it differs from the Intellect
  • How we're all born with emotional intelligence and why so few people are using it
  • The five domains of emotional intelligence and how to make use of them to enhance your life
  • How the brain functions in regard to emotions and thoughts
  • How to use your body to gain understanding and awareness of the people around you
  • How we can benefit our lives hugely by living in the present rather than the future or past
  • The difference between emotions which are created by thought and those created by the body wisdom
  • How to become emotionally 'literate' and stable
  • 5 social tactics you can use in any situation or setting to feel more at ease
  • And much more!

As a special promotional launch,
this teleseminar is being offered free!


One lucky listener will receive Kim's 4 week
Emotional Health Teleseries, worth $97, for free!


3-4 pm Wednesday 2 May (USA PT)
11-12 pm Wednesday 2 May (UK)
10-11 am Thursday 3 May (NZ)
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Kim Knight, EQ and stress management coach


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