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Article: A Quantum leap in the understanding of dis-ease by Dr Mickel

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'Dis-ease’ =

the chronic effect of e-motions on cellular function

Dr David Mickel MBChB MRCGP (UK)






A quantum leap in health




by Dr David Mickel and Dr Robert Bornstein (UK)

Offering a new accurate classification of specific common syndromes and diseases.

March 2007


Our experience has confirmed that each individual has the tools and intrinsic ability to correct the physical symptoms of chronic illness. We are not referring to healthy eating, “healthy” sleep habits, healthy activity and healthy breathing, all of which are vitally important to help to conserve and maintain your body’s resources. Rather, we are describing the mounting evidence that emotional energy, which has been chronically mismanaged by internalization/suppression from early childhood through adulthood, leads to chronic disease states. We maintain that learning to manage this energy properly is the key to regaining control over a large spectrum of conditions to the extent of eliminating the symptoms altogether.

The ‘Energy Disorders’

These conditions are epidemic in proportions throughout the world. They include CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety and Irritable Bowel Syndrome to name but a few. They are often labeled as ‘cause unknown’ but Mickel Therapy has a new perspective to offer.

Individuals can now be active and empowered in their own healing. The days and years of searching journals, magazines and countless hours roaming the aisles of stores and websites looking for answers could now be replaced by a focused and interactive approach through working with an expert in this mindful healing process. The Mickel Therapy Practitioner’s role is to empower and support a person with the tools necessary to embark upon their self-directed healing process.

A New Understanding of Emotional Energy

Conventional beliefs have long taught us that emotional reality is created and therefore changeable by thought processes and cognitions. We would offer a very different perspective for consideration based on the last six years of our work in the field.


The Einstein’s of today, the high level physicists working on quantum theory, view the smallest of building blocks of our physical structure and environment as being energetic through multidimensional vibration and spin. This shared understanding leads to our hypothesis on the creation and subsequent physical effects of emotional energy on our cellular function. In fact, every cell in our body has its unique energy requirements and energy output that is influenced directly by the vibrational flow of emotional energy passing through them.


We believe that emotions are a form of energetic response that arises in response to any situation that a person is exposed to on a daily basis. These emotional energies are created without thoughts and are the direct result of an interaction between energies contained in situations and our own energetic body. The resulting wave of emotional energies produce complex physiological changes involving multiple systems within the body as the vibration alters cell function. Again, the most important understanding of this phenomenon from a Mickel Therapy perspective is that these core waves of energy movement are created without thought or cognition. Therefore, changing our perspective in any given situation cannot alter them. We have no control over their production but thankfully we now have the ability to constructively use them to allow them to flow healthily from our physical cells.


Unfortunately many of us mishandle our emotional energy because we are not given the tools to deal with situations in a way that allows emotional waves of energy to pass unhindered through our cells back into the environment. Thus situations eventually lead to a chronic build up of disruptive energy in our cells leading to a state of ‘dis-ease’. Culture and societal influences have confounded this cause of illness. Mickel Therapy now offers an innovative approach to handling emotions that empowers an individual to correct the effect they have had on the cells’ function thus regaining their health.

‘Dis-ease’ = the chronic effect of e-motions on cellular function

Science, in the last few decades, has convincingly demonstrated that ‘chronic stress’ does increase vulnerability to disease. But what is ‘stress’? Mickel Therapy’s definition of stress is that it is the strain placed upon our cells by a build up of emotional energy within them. In other words this phenomenon leads to ‘dis-ease’ and in this way the pathological process begins and the ‘Energy Disorders’ manifest.


Specifically this affects the hypothalamus, which is a small but extremely important part of the brain that is involved in the mediation of endocrine and autonomic system activities. One example of this is whereby the hypothalamus releases chemical signals to the pituitary gland to release ACTH, a hormone that causes release of cortisol from your adrenal glands. This chronic over secretion of cortisol has clearly been shown to wreak havoc on the immune system, brain cells and other body systems. Dr. Hans Selye very well described this process over 70 years ago in his work on General Adaptation Syndrome. However the main difference in his approach to this compared to Mickel Therapy’s is in what we believe is the true nature of e-motions. We contend as detailed above that primary or core e-motions are not created by thought and are therefore not altered by conventional talking therapies that generally approach them as being changeable by working with thought processes or beliefs. They are in fact waves of energy created spontaneously through interactions of energies contained in any situation and our own energetic essence or bio-energy field.


Therefore millions of people suffering with the symptoms of the aforementioned syndromes have cellular dysfunction related to e-motional energy chronically disrupting the normal activity of their cells. Perhaps now we can see why people continue to have recurrent infections, chronic fatigue and altered pain thresholds. This would therefore suggest that recurrent infections and physiologic imbalances are not the primary cause of these syndromes. We contend that they are in fact secondary effects of the hypothalamic dysfunction and subsequent suppression of the immune system described earlier. Mickel Therapy works with cause and not effect.

An Overview of the Mickel Therapy Process

An understanding of the above hypothesis and how disease is created through the subtle activity of emotional energy on our Hypothalamus has led to the development of Mickel Therapy. The Mickel Therapy Practitioner is a skillful and mindful educator who through interactive one on one consultations, will provide the valuable series of tools necessary for a person to become an expert in their own emotional energy management. This allows an individual to take back control over their health and maintain it thereafter.

Each consultation is designed to unravel an individual’s symptoms to reveal the primary emotional energy in their life today that is maintaining their cellular dysfunction. They are then coached in our techniques to facilitate the constructive flow of emotional energy in any situation that then rewires the relevant cells back to a healthy state.


Many healthcare practitioners around the world are now starting to understand the importance of healing at the cellular level. We, at Mickel Health Initiatives, have been at the forefront of this work and we are traveling worldwide to train practitioners in the art of Mickel Therapy.

Dr David Mickel is the creator and founder of Mickel Therapy and a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners of the UK, with a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery


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