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Health Detective Sessions at the Art of Health

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Health Detective Sessions at the Art of Health

Health Detective Sessions...

Getting to the root of your aches, pains and symptoms


  • Do you have stubborn aches or pains which just won't go?
  • Are you experiencing a long-term health condition which you cannot resolve?
  • Have you had heaps of tests which have not identified any cause to your symptoms?


Then you might like to try a Health Detective Session.


Health Detective Sessions






"Symptoms are intelligent and necessary communication
from the body to the head"
Dr David Mickel


Kim has trained in two modalities which specialize in getting to the core of symptoms through a unique set of questions. These therapies are Mickel Therapy and Moativational Medicine™.


Both therapies use a specialist questioning technique for identifying the cause of symptoms.


The approach is revolutionary because it approaches illness from a new perspective in that it sees symptoms as useful and essential information from the 'body intelligence' trying to get a message through.... to you!


The question is, do you know how to interpret your symptoms in order to identify the message they are sending you?


Or do you find yourself 'killing the messenger' with pain-killers and medication in order to get some relief?


Sometimes, while it is useful and necessary to take pain relief, if we don't ask the deeper questions of why the pain is there in the first place, we will never find the answers. And until we find the true answers, we will not resolve the issue at its core.


By seeing the body as a whole unit made of mental, emotional and physical components all interacting with each other, we can work out what your body is trying to tell you via your pain and symptoms. Symptoms and their location in your body are huge clues as to the core of the problem.


Once the true cause is identified, the symptoms - which are merely the messenger - will have done their job and no longer need to be sent by the body.


No matter what your pain is, or how long you have had it, Kim may well be able to help you identify the true underlying cause of your symptoms with a Health Detective session.

About Health Detective Sessions


"Feelings buried alive never die. And sooner or later the body will present its bill"
Richard Moat, founder of Moativational Medicine™


During a health detective session you will be asked a series of questions which work to reveal the true underlying cause of your symptoms.


Usually this will be connected with one or more of the following:


  • unidentified and unexpressed emotions over specific situations from the past or present
  • limiting beliefs which have been unconsciously created after traumatic events
  • disempowering and life-depleting behaviours which have been created as a result of limiting beliefs


We can clear the emotional resonances of these issues from the body so that whilst the memory may remain, the negative emotions connected with it are gone. Once the emotion is cleared, the cells are freed up to return to normal function.


And once the emotional signature has been dissolved, the body no longer needs to send the message of pain to the body to get your attention to clear the issue, because it has now been cleared at a causal level.

Quantum Physics - solving the riddle of dis-ease

Quantum Physics - solving the riddle of dis-ease


A basic understanding of the field of quantum physics can help you understand how it is that emotions can drive dis-ease:


At our very core, we are made up of energy. This has been proven by scientists now for some time. To demonstrate this, if you were to take one of your cells and put it under a powerful magnifying glass and magnify it one million times, you would reach what is called the 'quantum level' of existence. This is way smaller than an atom or molecule. It is infintissimly small!


And once you reach this magnification, you would see that this cell no longer looked like 'matter'. It would appear as waves of energy. This is very strange for the mind to comprehend because we seem so solid! But at our core we are just energy.


This has been known by masters of the East for eons. They refer to this energy in China as 'Qi', in Korea as 'Ki' and in India as 'Prana'. Essentially we are talking LIFE FORCE ENERGY, the essential substance that makes up every human being.


Now, if we are energy at our core, and every part of ourselves if made FROM this energy, this means that our mind, body and emotions are all formed FROM this energy too.


So, when emotions arise as 'waves of energy' from within our body, this energy has the power to change the form and function of our cells. Depending on the nature of the emotions (ie, pleasant or unpleasant), this energy will either 'rewire' our cells postively or negatively, leading to either health or dis-ease.


The reason for this is because, according to a law of physics, ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED, and so any unidentified and unresolved negatvie emotional energy in the body will re-wire the cells into a state of dis-ease.


The good news is, that whilst energy cannot be destroyed, IT CAN BE TRANSFORMED.


And there are some very simple and effective tools we can use to CLEAR the cells of built-up emotional energy - often without even having to get emotional.


As we clear the emotional energy from the cells, the cells can revert back to their normal healthy function. Then symptoms disappear and health is regained.

Article explaining how emotional energy affects cells

For more information about how emotional energy re-wires the cells into a state of dis-ease, I recommend reading Dr Mickel's article "A Quantum leap in the understanding of dis-ease"


Contact Kim to book your Health Detective Session

Contact Kim to book your Health Detective Session


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